A message from Husain Husaini

As of Wire Free Productions is now closed for business

The company was founded in 2012 by Matthew Bannister and myself with the three aims of making creative journalistic content, giving people interesting paid work, and having fun in the process. It had some real successes.

We made thousands of hours of radio. Our first commission was to make a 3-hour week day evening programme shared across all 40 BBC England local radio stations. The show ran for 6 years and brought together some of the best broadcasting from around local radio.

For BBC Radio 5live we invented the Hit List, a pioneering social media chart show made with the help of computer scientists from Warwick and St Andrews University. We also made Peter Allen’s Sunday evening show for 4 years including a spell when he was joined by Jane Garvey.

We did a lot of work in the health field including an award winning as live Heart Transplant series, Junior Doctor’s Diaries, 24 hours in the QE, and the Coronavirus Diaries, all for 5live. We also created the NHS Assembly podcast.

Other programmes include the “Power Lines” poetry series and “How Can My Kids Beat the Robots?” for Radio 4, “Images of Diana” for 5live and “Who’s Left Holding the Baby” for World Service.

We created the Sunday Times Magazine Podcast and launched Matthew Bannister’s “Folk on Foot.”

My thanks go of course to Matthew Bannister. Without whom the company would never have existed. We had the best meetings ever.

Also particular thanks to Sally Spurring and Musty Aziz who were the finest colleagues imaginable over many years.

Thanks also to:

Louise Cotton, Philly Beaumont, Reva Sharma, Anisa Subedar, Helen Foster, Dominic Wallace, Catherine Lund, Sej Asar, Rena Annobil

Kat Harbourne, Georgina Furnell, Joanne Welding, Ailsa Rochester, Dan Markham, Cameron Robson, Richard Murie, Jaimielee Rendall

Mark Forrest, Georgey Spanswick, Johnny I’Anson, Emma Barnett, Peter Allen, Jane Garvey, Chloe Tilley, Lucy Grey, Rick Edwards, Chris Warburton, Madeleine Morris, Natasha Kaplinsky, Simon Enright, Andrew Gardner

Professor Rob Proctor, Dr Alex Voss, Neil Cowling, Nick Carter

Anthony Cohen, Anil Patel and the rest of the team at FSPG accountants

Lastly the late and much missed Stephen Halsey and his family.

If you need a recommendation for a good person to help make audio, please email me at husain@wirefreeproductions.com